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Authority Cultivation

Inc Asset is part of a research project focused on cultivating authority and value for domains and web content. This website is part of a network of sites which provide a reliable platform for enhancing the authority of content and creatives across a wide range of industries.

High Value Domains

The domain name has an estimated value of $2,240 before development. This is based on the price of these recently sold domains. Sold for $1,500 Sold for $1,875 Sold for $2,488 Sold for $2,000 also contains a two valuable keyword.
Asset is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $2496.
Inc Asset is memorable and uses the .com extension.
Domains that use the .com extension offer the greatest economic value of all TLD's.

High Value Traffic

Inc Asset utilizes a range of non-traditional guerilla street promotion techniques, Checkered Hat Live Promotion, and targeted advertising to rank well for valuable keywords. Inc Asset draws the bulk of it's traffic from high value countries.

High Value Content

The content at Inc Asset isn't ipsum filler. Using a custom-built CMS, Inc Asset turns thin content into something valuable, and provides answers the questions that people are searching for. These pages provide valuable information to your target audience.

Low Cost and Effective

The reality hacker behind this project has been manipulating search engine results since he discovered how to match font and background colors on his Geocities page. Don't waste your time parroting some YouTube "expert" or reinventing the wheel in the hope of enhancing your search placement.
Buy a unique solution by purchasing Inc Asset.
Inc Asset is a completely bespoke turnkey package which is preapproved for numerous publisher income programs. Logo and CMS license included. All this good stuff could be yours for the appraised value of the domain alone!


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